About Us

NeoAudience is committed to helping you grow your dental practice. We provide interactive Health Assessments that generate a personalized health profile for potential patients based on a small list of questions related to lifestyle, habits and demographics. The assessments help you acquire more patients. The assessments help patients by educating them and convincing them to seek professional services to maintain their oral health.
Healthcare providers utilize online health assessments to engage consumers in their community, acquire patients and drive incremental office visits. It is a unique ‘gift of value’ that they offer to their audience in the form of a personalized health assessment.
Potential patients are able to take a short self-assessment online and get a personalized report based on their individual responses. The get educated on their personal health profile, make informed decisions about taking care of their health and take timely actions to address their health concerns.


NeoAudience was founded in 2018 to develop advanced marketing tools for the healthcare industry. NeoAudience has its headquarters in Pleasanton, California.


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